About — Ancán

Our Aim

/Ang-kan/ means family and ancestry.

We value the practice of passing down things. Like the stories we were told as children.
Some of the best stories stay with us, and continue to stay, as long as we pass them on. 

Celebrating origins and stories otherwise forgotten, we focus on objects that allow you to see,
feel and carry a piece of a place and people.

A new narrative rooted on age-old methods.
The same way heirlooms are just beautiful objects that had more time.

We aim to help preserve traditional craft and support the communities that make them.

Our Materials

We try to be intentional and thoughtful about everything we use. We prioritize natural materials and reusable packaging whenever possible.

Our Partners

We think everyone should have access to education. 10% of all proceeds go to the ff. non-profit, non-governmental organizations:

Real Life Foundation

Provides educational assistance, leadership & character development to underprivileged Filipino youth.

Rightstart Foundation

Geared towards providing Filipino street children a safe space for creativity and development through after-school programs centered on art, music, and play.